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Welcome to Esco Kivu

Excelling in the export of cocoa, cinchona, papain and vanilla


Commodity exports with a difference; based in North-Kivu province we continually strive to create a sustainable link between small-scale farmers and end-users to stimulate a vibrant and high quality export market.

Who are we?

A family business established in 1970 and primarily based in Beni, Esco Kivu trains farmers in Eastern Congo and has perfected processing and handling techniques to produce increasing volumes of excellent quality export crops.

Since 2000 we have specialised in promoting the growing of cocoa, cinchona, papain, and vanilla and exporting these products to the global market.

North Kivu's first cocoa export was in 2005 and since then growth has continued rapidly with Esco providing a continuing service of training and support to farmers, the community and our customers alike.

We remain a strong family business with Beni and Watalinga the centres of our cocoa production, offices in Butembo focusing on cinchona, and Bulongo the epicentre for papain production.

Why buy from us?

North Kivu has a turbulent past with conflict and insecurity; Esco's presence provides stability and hope to those who need it most. We focus on a direct relationship with farmers which ensures they receive the maximum benefit.

We have excellent certification and traceability, please get in touch to find out more.

North Kivu is already a world leader in cinchona and papain production; we believe it has the potential to become a leader in high quality cocoa and vanilla beans too.


We believe that true sustainability goes much deeper than any single certificate, it's at the heart of everything we do. However, as part of our pledge to you we have partnered with these great labels to work on bringing you the best produce possible with the most significant social and environmental impact.

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Our Crops


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Esco Kivu Sarl

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DR Congo

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